A school girl making her reusable pad

1. An average woman menstruate for 38 years, and spend about 365,000 buying pads

2. Few percent of women experience endometrial sparing, when there is no shedding in the lining of the uterus but instead the body recycles it. Hence, the period of these women are light and brief

3. 3 in 4 women experience PMS (premenstrual syndrome)

4. Irregular periods are quite common until about age 18, because the body is still working on perfecting the system

5. In a lifetime an average menstruating woman uses about 17,000 pads or tampons

6. Approximately, women menstruate for about 7 years in their life time

7. Premenopause Symptoms can start as early as 32, however, an average woman stops her period at age 51

8. Excessive exercise can lead to irregular cycle

9. An average woman starts their menstruation at the age of 11 to 15 this continues monthly until menopause. If you’re 16 and you’re yet to see your period, visit a gynaecologist

10. A human female egg is the only cell that can be seen with the naked eyes and the largest cell in the human body

11. Menstruation makes you hornier

12. You can use a tampon and still be a virgin

13. An average woman has more than 400 menstruation in a lifetime

14. Your voice sound changes when menstruating

15. You probably bleed lesser than you think (A girl loses a few tablespoons of blood during the entire menstruation)

16. Often times a girl starts her period about two years her breast start to develop

17. You can get pregnant if you have sex during Menstruation, this is because sperm can survive up to a week in the body

18. Apps that tracks menstruation can assist your track your cycle easily

19. The first menstruation is either met with fear or celebration

20. Periods tend to be more painful and heavier during colder season

21. Women and girls with disabilities face more challenges with menstrual hygiene, they lack access to menstrual materials and sanitation facilities

22. Menstrual hygiene management helps women manage their period with confidence

23. There are myths about Menstruation all over the world.

24. Smoking cigarettes can cause the menstrual period to stop prematurely or kill a woman’s egg

25. SuS pads is working to provide Menstrual Hygiene Management education to adolescent girls and women. Teaching them how to stay healthy during menstruation, training them on how to make reusable menstrual pads by providing menstrual materials to unprivileged girls so as to alleviate period poverty.