About us

We challenge the stigma and taboos associated with menstruation by supporting menstruating girls and women through education, training and empowerment while introducing sustainable options.

We believe every girl has a right to menstrual dignity by providing menstrual education to the underprivileged, training girls on how to make a reusable pad and ensuring period becomes a subject everyone speaks about.


Our mission

We work towards eliminating period poverty, by ensuring women have access to the right menstrual product that will make life easier for them.

Fighting to ensure that no young person has to miss out on their education because they menstruate

To destigmatize menstruation and change the narrative, so young girls and women are no longer ashamed and embarrassed of their periods nor their bodies

Ensuring menstruation becomes a subject everyone speak about and introducing eco- friendly menstrual products that reduce waste

Raising confident girls and women knowledgeable in menstrual hygiene management through education and campaign 

Collaborating and working with other Menstrual hygiene NGOs and donor organisation to implement menstrual hygiene management related development projects

Reusable Pad training Nigeria

What we do

We Educate

We educate girls and women on menstrual hygiene management and sexual and reproductive health to those who can´t access it.


We Train

Providing vulnerable girls the tools and equipment needed. Also teaching them on how to make a reusable pad that is pocket friendly and kind to the environment.


We speak up

We demand fair treatment to people who bleed.


We Change the narrative 

We normalise menstruation by conversation while eradicating the myths and stigmas associated with menstruation.