Volunteer with SuS Pads

We are excited to invite compassionate and dedicated individuals to become volunteers at SuS Pads, a charitable organization committed to addressing period poverty by promoting menstrual hygiene management and reusable pad training. As a professional volunteer, you will contribute your unique skills and talents to help us empower individuals and communities to overcome the challenges associated with inadequate access to menstrual products.

In this role, you will have the opportunity to make a significant impact by participating in various activities such as organizing awareness campaigns, developing educational materials on menstrual health and hygiene, conducting workshops and training sessions on reusable pad making, and assisting in the distribution of menstrual hygiene kits to those in need. Your commitment and expertise will play a crucial role in breaking down barriers, reducing stigma, and ensuring that individuals experiencing period poverty can manage their menstruation with dignity and comfort. By volunteering with SuS Pads, you will be part of a compassionate team working towards gender equality, improved health outcomes, and increased educational opportunities for all. Join us in our mission to eradicate period poverty and create a world where no one is held back by menstrual challenges. To volunteer for SuS Pads please Contact us