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We believe that menstruation is a natural biological process. We believe a menstruating girl or woman should be free from stigma, tax & absurd myths. We believe reusable, cloth sanitary pad is more environment friendly than disposable pads. We hope to use SuS Pads to help alleviate period in Nigeria and wherever we come across it.

SuS Pads Help Girls & Women to Manage Their Monthly Period Sustainably

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SuS Pads increases access to menstrual hygiene management, for women and girls trapped in period poverty. With our volunteers and donors, we develop sustainable sanitary pads, using materials that are easily accessible locally.

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The Little Book of Menstrual Hygiene Management

Myths and Facts about Menstruation


Frequently Asked Questions about Menstruation

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Empowering Girls & Alleviating Period Poverty

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