Joint menstrual hygiene and reusable pad training

SuS Pads

The project

SuS pads attended the Reach out book launch. Four public secondary schools were in attendance. We use that avenue in fighting against period poverty as we train the girls on how to make a reusable menstrual pad. There was a round table discussion on menstruation by the panelist, they explained how menstruation has been a subject shrewded in secrecy and how this has deprived girls from achieving their dreams.

Project impact

We were able to impact 30 girls as each school released 8 girls for the training. They were taught on the best fabric needed to make a reusable pad, also introducing the tools and equipment needed to make it. They were also taught how to cut a pad using pattern paper.

The girls made use of hand needles and thread in making their reusable pads. They were glad about the training as they joyfully sewed their pads. 

¨According to Khadijah this is the first time i'm hearing about reusable pad, i'm glad i can now make my reusable pad and i don't have to worry about how to get money to buy a pad¨

Project sustainability

SuS pads can last 3-5 years if properly maintained. Considering the type of fabric we use in making a reusable pad, the girls can be sure of no leakage or stain of any sort. They can also stay comfortable at school using it because of the breathable fabric used.

The girls promised to teach their friends and families which we believe is a ripple effect. The girls pleaded we visit their schools, The girls thanked SuS pads for impacting and empowering them.

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