Breaking the Silence: SuS Pads Menstrual Hygiene and Reusable Pad Training at Daisies Academy

About Project

Hope Spring and SuS Pads organised a menstrual hygiene workshop and reusable pad training at Daisies Academy, a boy and girls’ school in Dakwo Village . The workshop aimed to educate participants on menstrual health, hygiene, and management, promoting a culture of openness and inclusivity around menstruation.

Key Highlights

  • 100 girls attended the workshop, where they learned how to manage their periods hygienically
  • Participants received hands-on training on making reusable pads and were equipped with essential skills for effective menstrual hygiene
  • The workshop emphasised the importance of menstrual hygiene management and provided guidelines on maintaining healthy habits during menstruation
  • The girls were given menstrual bags to keep their reusable pad for their next period

Project Impact

By empowering girls at Daisies Academy with knowledge and skills for menstrual health management, we made a profound and lasting impact on their lives. We taught them essential skills for menstrual hygiene and management, and equipped them with the confidence to create their own reusable pads. This independence and practical knowledge enabled them to attend school regularly, stay healthy, and achieve their full potential.

With this newfound confidence and practical skills, these girls were better equipped to stay healthy, achieve their full potential, and break the cycle of period poverty. This holistic approach improved not only their physical health but also boosted their self-esteem, social confidence, and overall well-being.

Project Sustainability

Building on the foundation of menstrual health education and practical skills, our project at Daisies Academy has created a self-sustaining ecosystem where girls are empowered to become menstrual health ambassadors and champions in their community. By establishing a school-based menstrual health club, we have fostered a culture of peer-to-peer support, mentorship, and resource sharing.

The trained girls are now equipped to lead workshops, provide guidance to their peers, and advocate for menstrual health awareness and access to reusable pads. This sustainable model ensures that the impact of our project will be long-lasting, as the girls themselves become the drivers of change in their community, perpetuating a cycle of empowerment, education, and improved menstrual health.

Join the Movement to Break the Chain of Period Poverty!

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