Often times in Africa, women are seen as weaker vessels, hence there are some skills a woman is not expected to have, these skills are discreetly reserved for men. This to an extent is a great injustice to girls and women. To this regard, Osun art foundation will be having a touring production for 30 school tagged ‘’Let her be’’

The theme let her be was brought out from the struggle story of a young girl who chooses to pursue her dreams despite her father’s disapproval of her constant attempt to learn what is supposedly ‘’only a man’s learning part’’ the knowledge of Africa drum and alluring chorographic movement. However, young girls and women should be given the freedom to pursue their dreams and aspirations without social limitations and customs. 

In most parts of the world, percussion instruments usually have a male lead, this production aims to achieve is to bring a group of female percussion lead together soa s to serve as inspiration for young people. The production play will be touring several rural and cities school around the country using Africa women artiste  to motivate young to see all skills as universal and to believe in themselves.

This initiative will bring about gender equality, portraying a woman as a change creator and a unique individual . It will also showcase rich cultural display of Talking Drum and other percussion instruments, handled by a female concentrated ensemble. This will also bring into awareness the cultural heritage of mankind which must be conserved and  preserved.

To donate to their cause visit! https://www.globalgiving.org/projects/let-her-be-a-touring-production-for-30-schools/#menu